Winemaking (a.k.a. Vinification)

I have been making my own wine for four years and besides having fun at it, I have learned a lot in the process and am willing to share this with you on this website.

Legally, in most States, you can make 100-200 gallons of wine per year as long as it is for your own use and people in your household or guests and you are not selling it (to sell it you need a State license and pay taxes on your sales). Check the laws in your State before proceeding.

Click on this link: Wine, Dry Red - Recipe for 20 Gallons
to download a PDF file containing my instructions for making wine in a 20 gallon batch. You can scale it down to a 6 gallon batch if you like. I find it much more efficient to do 20 gallons at a time. This is a guide to help you get started. You can also get personal help from your local Wine Making Supply store. Check in the Yellow Pages or Online for "Wine Makers Equip and Supplies".