Here are some useful links for Northern Grape growers.

There is a lot of information you can find with search engines. To list everything would take many pages of links. Instead I will list just some key links.

Northern Grape Project  
This is geared towards northern wine grapes and presents useful information in the form of news you can use, newsletters, presentations, progress reports, publications, and webinars. Their goal is to integrate viticulture, winemaking, and marketing of new cold hardy cultivars supporting new and growing rural wineries in the north.

National Grape Registry,  
The NGR was created in response to grape industry demand for a single comprehensive site listing all grape plant material available within the United States. contains information about varieties of wine, juice, and table grapes, raisins, and grape rootstocks available in the United States. Growers, nurseries, winemakers and researchers can find background information and source contacts for those grape varieties in this single convenient location.

Cold Climate Cultivars, Iowa State University,
Useful information sheets on about 6 dozen cold-hardy grape cultivars.

Grape Productions, Cornell University,
Many useful links on growing grapes.

Book on Wine Making
“The Art of Making Wine” by Anderson and Hull

Books on Growing Grapes
“The Grape Grower – A Guide to Organic Viticulture” by Lon Rombough. The bible on grape growing.

“The Bountiful Grape – Using Everything the Grape Vine Produces” by Lon J. Rombough. An informative treatise on making the best use of grapes.

"A Pocket Guide for Grape IPM Scouting in the North Central and Eastern United States (E-2889)" by Michigan State University,   A wonderful 3.5" x 5" pocket troubleshooting guide to identifucation of problems due to insects, disease, weather, nutrition, pesticide damage, etc. - full of color photos.

“Wine Grape Production Guide for Eastern North America (NRAES-145)” by Cornell University,  Good photos of insects and diseases, plus much more.

“Northern Wineworks” by Tom Plocher and Bab Parke. A good resource for Northern grape growers.

“The Organic Backyard Vineyard – A Step-by Step Guide to Growing Your Own Grapes” by Tom Powers. A book covering the basics of growing grapes Organically.

“The BackYard Berry Book” by Stella Otto. This has a section on vine crops including grapes and hardy kiwi, that gives a quick overview of the basics.

Here is a link to my cousin's website which describes the land they set aside for Coho Salmon Wilderness.