Microgreens and Baby Greens

In addition to grapes, I am including a few pages on growing other fruits and veggies without pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. On this page I am discussing Microgreens and Baby Greens.

In a 2' x 4' area you can grow a continuous, year-round supply of Microgreens for salad and soups for pennies rather than dollars. Microgreens are highly nutritious and quite tasty.

In a 4' x 4' area you can grow Microgreens and Baby Greens. One 90 watt LED grow light can cover a 4' x 4' area.

Microgreens are ready to harvest in just 10 days and Baby Greens are ready to harvest in 16+ days.

Here you can download my PDF giving all the details at no charge (updated Jan 6, 2018),
Growing Microgreens and Baby Greens for Home Use